Radiohead Spotify Spec
Known for their low emission concerts that still manage to dazzle audiences, Radiohead hits the road using biofueled buses on every tour. In keeping with that concept, the band has decided to unplug the electronics and begin on their first full length acoustic album.
Celebrating Diversity
Diversity and Inclusion is a party to celebrate! It's more than a conversation; it's an invitation to celebrate what makes us all uniquely our own. This campaign for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion focuses on the theme Empowering Equity.
Omnicom - Patients & Purpose
Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover is known for their luxury vehicles, and that's why their high end electric car model is perfect for the experienced driver. This wild environmental campaign, reminds us that electric cars are powerful, classy, and absolutely speedy.
Diversity Campaign
CHROMA is intended to be an interactive and immersive experience that communicates a shift in perspective to brighten the world we live in; becoming aware of the space around us and how much we take up.
More often than not, BIPOC have to deal with racial biases on a daily basis. This is a theoretical companion to Respond2Racism's Twitter bot, focusing on education as an interactive game for kids in the virtual classroom.
Graphic's Lab Makeover
Poster design for the Graphic Design Student Association. The event was marketed at the University of Central Florida, in an effort to familiarize students with the graphic design lab.
Intergalactic Book Design
This project is based on the narrative song "Subterranean Homesick Alien" by Radiohead. The dust jacket design is meant to pull you into the void.
How do you connect when there's a pandemic outside? Suddenly tradition takes the backseat as safety becomes the most important factor, but that doesn't mean we can't come together in other ways.
My Punny Valentine
Valentine's Day can be difficult for many which is why I find it important to spread as much love and laughter as I can. It doesn't hurt to use a profane word or two.
Perfumed Words
An artist book about self discovery, written in the language of flowers. Hand bound, illustrated, and painted.
Carson Case Study
David Carson, the space cowboy of graphic design, brought a fresh take on layout design in the 90s. This booklet is a look at his life and work made to reflect his style and spirit.
Printmaking Experiments
Experimental screen print on reclaimed vinyl record. The skull queen is, of course, a big fan of rock & roll. What started as a challenge to screenprint on a slick surface quickly became a need for more skulls!
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